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Please be informed effective 07 July 2015 the new telephone number for e-MIC Technical Helpdesk will be 03-4144 4142


You are now a part of one of the most dynamic and influential organization in Malaysia which has in recent years made great strides both locally and internationally.

Although you have qualified through the various routes to become a member of MIA, your learning and growth does not end. You will be faced with continuous challenges throughout your career as an accountant.

As a MIA member, you will be provided with the support necessary to maintain and enhance your competency. At the same time, the values which MIA will continuously stress, will ensure that your professional advancement will be in the right direction. Therefore, MIA will be integral in your development as a professional accountant, emphasizing integrity, professionalism and continuous knowledge development.

The MIA e-learning portal is conducted completely via the Internet through the Learning Management System (LMS). With the setup of this portal, each MIA member can now experience learning from anywhere, anytime and any pace. To take the course, simply register, make payment and take the course offered in the portal.

From time to time, we will add more courses for all MIA members as well as public. Be sure to read the updates in the MIA portal to know about the latest courses offered in the MIA e-learning portal.

During the course

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